Issue of allocation VOC to true VOC species

Dear all,
I encountered another issue related to the VOC species allocation. As we know that there are two types of VOC species in the SMOKE modeling process, the first one are model species such as ALD2, OLE, BENZ and ALDX while another one is the true species which measured in the atmosphere (such as Butenyne, 1-Butenyne and 2-methylbenzofuran etc. ). The question in my mind is that how could we allocate the initial VOC emission amount based on the NEI emission inventory to the detailed true VOC species rather than the model species. I have tried many tools like SPECIATE( and Speciation_Tool( However, all these tools only give the final VOC species for CMAQ/CAMx model species.
To my knowledge, I think that there may be an option for generating the real VOC species rather model species in these models and tools but I don’t find it right now (Because I find that the SMOKE utilize the SPECIATE for dealing with the initial NEI emission inventory and give the final results of model species which we always use it for driving CMAQ).
For example, currently, I have the emission amount of each emission sector in Los Angeles (the data has attached in this email). To do the true VOC species allocation and calculate the true VOC emission amount in Los Angeles , I guess we should find the source emission profile to do the allocation. Does the source emission profile exist in the SMOKE model?

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Please have a look at this issue when you have a free moment. Thanks!
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@Ryan. Sounds like you are not interested in generating lumped/model species but actual speciation measured profiles from SPECIATE database. Since you said you used the Specation Tool, you will understand the purpose of tool. It designs to create model (lumped) species based on actual speciation true profiles. So, I would suggest for you to find out the list of SCCs you are interested in and identify the list of true speciation profiles (true measurement profiles) from SPECIATE database. I believe that is what you are looking for if I am not mistaken. Work with the SPECIATE database.

Hi Professor Baek,
Thanks a lot for your response. I tried to find he true measurement profile for SCCs but I didn’t find it (There are lots of profiles but it doesn’t give the specific region for each profile). For example, I have no clue about how to find the profile for specific regions (such as LA) even though I check the User Guide.
Could you please give me some instructions?