Calculating VOC emissions from speciated VOC emissions

Hi all,
I would like to calculate the VOC emission amount based on speciated CB6 VOC emissions (ALD2, etc). Can I just multiple the speciated VOC emission amount by the molar weight of this VOC species to obtain the unspeciated VOC emission amount?
Any comments are highly appreciated!
@hogrefe.christian @bbaek @lizadams

The model species you find from SMOKE output files are based on TOG not VOC. SMOKE will convert VOC to TOG by applying VOC-to-TOG conversion factor by speciation profiles. By definition, TOG is THC plus reactive oxygenated HC like alcohols and adehydes,). So, if you need to estimate from gridded emissions file, this is the definition of VOC = TOG - CH4 - Ethane


Thanks a lot for these constructive comments which resolve my problem.