Quality assurance VOC emissions

I tried to calculate my SMOKE output total VOC emissions of one city based on information in below figure to compare with VOC_INV from 2017gb_hapcap_county_monthly_report_CAPs_PEC_POC_09apr2021
However, mine is just about one tenth of EPA’s. I guess I may misunderstand VOC_INV.
Could anyone give me any idea about that inconsistent?

Thank you in advance!

The VOC_INV is VOC from the inventory file that goes into SMOKE processing. It allows us to track the VOC through the process because different species have different molar weights and are not directly additive once speciated. You should see that the sum of the VOC_INV in the output matches the VOC in your input inventory file. Does that hold true for your case?

What sector were you processing where you saw the inconsistency? And for what year?

I see, thank you for your explaination. Sorry, I should check them carefully that their units are mol/s not g/s.
I processed all sectors except fire and biog emis using NEI2017.
The VOC_INC from smoke output matched with the VOC_INC from 2017gb_hapcap_county_monthly_report_CAPs_PEC_POC_09apr2021