Mapping between CMAQ (CB6r5) species and CAM-Chem species

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create the BCON and ICON from CAM-Chem output for my two-way coupled model WRF(v4.4.1)-CMAQ (v5.4) simulations using the mozart2cmax tool (latest version, v3.2.3). However, the current mozart2cmax tool only supports mapping between CMAQ (SAPRC07TC) and CAM-Chem species. How to modify species mapping files to match the CB6r5 Mechanism?

Any assistance or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help!

Hello wsnuist,

mozart2camx (distributed by the developers and maintainers of the CAMx model) is not a tool that is supported by the CMAS forum team.

That said, there may be some users of this forum who have tried developing BCON and ICON for CMAQ using CAM-Chem input fields, and may have adapted mozart2camx or other custom tools like this one to accomplish this task. If so, they might be able to provide some guidance to you.

The discussion in this previous thread (related to CAMS, not CAM-Chem) may provide some general guidance. In particular, Table 1 in this paper linked by @lizadams in post #6 of that thread might be a good starting point to modify existing species mapping files to meet your needs.

Hello hogrefe,

Thank you very much, I will take a look at it. :ok_hand:

aqmbc already works with WACCM, but I have not tried it with CAM-Chem. It may largely work out of the box by following the WACCM example. However, depending on your chemical mechanism and aerosol options, you may need to update the chemical expression options.

Note that aqmbc outputs CMAQ-style ICON/BCON. The CMAQ ICON/BCON can be converted for use with CMAQ using the cmaq2camx utilities from CAMx Support Software. In the future, it would be nice for aqmbc to output CAMx directly.


Thank you barronh, aqmbc is a great tool. I will try it later.

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