Match the date of NEI2017 emission with the date in 2019

Hi all,

Is there any suggestion or file about matching the date of emissions in NEI2017 with the date in 2019?
I know it should consider to match the week day, like Monday (e.g. July 3, 2017) to Monday (e.g. July 1, 2019), but I am not sure which one is better, July 3, 2017 or July 10, 2017 to be July 1, 2019?

Thank you in advance.

We have posted some data here including smk_dates and holidays files:

If you want a complete 365 day mapping, we map the day of week from one year to the same day of week in the corresponding sequential week in the other year, except for holidays which are mapped to the corresponding holiday. When there is a holiday that does not occur in the same week both years causing a “gap” in the match the mapping is done to the next closest corresponding day of week.

Depending on the sector you are trying to run, the best approach for mapping days may vary.

I see, thanks a lot!