Monthly emission inventory in 2019

Dear staff,

I am using NEI2017 for air quality modeling in 2019. I have generated model-ready emissions using SMOKE. However, there is an overprediction of PM2.5 in 2019, possibly due to inconsistency in emission inventory.

Therefore, I want to adjust the emission inventory based on differences in 2019 and 2017. I have found the monthly emission reports in 2017 at I wonder whether the monthly report in 2019 at the national and state level is available? My research focuses on August 2019. I would appreciate it if you can provide me with some suggestions on the dataset!


We do not currently have a similar county-monthly report available for 2019.

If you wanted to look at state totals for the year to get an idea of differences, you can compare these two reports:

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We have recently posted a county x monthly x sector report here: