MCIP running error while loading shared libraries

Dear Cmascenter forum

When i run MCIP i got stuck as shown in the attached image

But the file exist in netcdff/lib, so i don’t have idea to solve this error,

Any help would be appreciated.

This suggests that the environment (PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH) in your run_mcip.csh script differs from what was used to compile mcip. If you can recompile mcip, check what are the values of those environment variables; if you use modules, see what modules are loaded. Then in your run_mcip.csh script, insert commands like echo $PATH and echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the log file will likely indicate something is different.

The run_mcip.csh script begins with #! /bin/csh -f. Removing the -f may be helpful.


Dear Dr. Chris Nolte.

Thank for your advice, the error fixed.