MCIP version 5.0 Release (August 2019)


I’m just following up to note that this issue with the namelist and the script was resolved in another thread where it was also raised. There is a typographical error in the released script where the namelist is automatically generated. I inadvertently introduced the error into the script for MCIPv5.0 when I removed the processing for MM5 and changed the name of the namelist variable from “file_ter” to “file_geo”.

The solution is to modify your script to replace “file_ter” with “file_geo” where the namelist is generated. This has been corrected in MCIPv5.1 (released with CMAQv5.3.1).


Hi all,

We are currently interpolating some MCIP5.0 files for a finer grid using m3cple. In order to do so we had to swap the x-orig and y-orig in the 5.0 GRIDDESC file for m3cple to work otherwise we were getting grid-mismatch errors. Is that normal behavior? Of note the m3cple version we are using is based on IOAPI 3.2 from a couple of years ago.

Many thanks in advance

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