MEGAN3.2 lai or laiv input data

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to run MEGAN 3.2.

I’ve noticed on the official website it mentions that “MEGAN 3.2 will accept either LAI or LAIv”. So, for Leaf Area Index data, can I convert MCD15A2H data to nc format and directly provide it to megan32_prep_code without calculating LAI/VCF?

I followed the approach mentioned above and ran megan3.2 using LAI data (not LAIv). I obtained lai3.ncf (as shown in the image). Could you confirm if the magnitude of the results (1-10) is correct?

Thank you!

Hi @liuhao,

The MEGAN preprocessing code txt2ioapi.f will convert LAI to LAIv if the environmental variable LAIv_YN is set to N when running it:

  setenv LAIv_YN N

I can’t tell if those values are correct by eye. They’re the correct order of magnitude but probably need to be converted to LAIv.

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I guess the most appropriate way to check this is to move forward directly and then get the MEGAN output to confirm the magnitude of ISOP and TERP emissions.

Thank you so much for your help.