Some question about MEGAN

I want to understand the relevant mechanism of MEGAN preprocessor processing LAIv data, is it in the f90 file, where is the specific location?
I would be grateful if you could help me,thank you

Please contact the developer/maintainers at University of California, Irvine.

You could find the prepmegan4cmaq_lai.f90 file in the tarfile of prepmegan4cmaq_2014-06-02 in case if you are using MEGANv2.1.

In MEGANv3.2, the prepmegan4cmaq_lai.f90 file is the relevant mechanism of LAIv data under “/MEGAN32_Prep_Code”.


Yes, as @rrezaei83 mentioned the LAIv processing program is prepmegan4cmaq_lai.f90 in MEGAN32_Prep_Code_Jan_2022. You may download it from MEGAN32_Prep_Code_Jan_2022.tar.gz - Google Drive.

On LAIv data description you can refer to UCI BAI - LAI

Note that LAIv data in urban area is not available in the dataset linked above. You have to fill urban LAI yourself otherwise biogenic emissions in urban area will be zero.