Megan 3.2 preprocessor input files missing from website

Hello there. Im trying to run the Megan 3.2 preprocessor. In order to so, I believe the following input files are needed:

  1. LAI
  2. Growth form and ecotype

Files for growth form and ecotype are not available in the website (Broken links). Does anyone know where can I find them?

Kind regards

Here is a link to a tarball with inputs for ecotype and growth form:

LAI input is optional when using MEGAN 3.2 with CMAQ (USE_MEGAN_LAI). By default the LAI in your MCIP files will be used. If you want to use a different LAI you can download one of these: UCI BAI - LAI. The links are working for me.

Here is rough flow chart showing what files need to be preprocessed for use with CMAQ. The files in green are optional unless you want a specific LAI input or want to use BDSNP for soil NO. Inputs to the python tool are in yellow boxes.


Thank you so much! Both for the inputs and the flow chart. Extremely useful!