Met4moves failed to create daily met file


I try to get Daily average met file for Smoke using MET4MOVES, but i get stuck with the following error.

Could you explaine me how to overcome this error.

Thank you in advance.

US_100_NOFILL.txt (233.8 KB)

The surrogate file you attached looks OK.

Can you confirm that you have write permission in the directory where they are running this script, for the purpose of creating the temporary TMP_COMBINED_SRG.txt file, and write permissions on that file if it already exists?

What does that file look like at the point where the program crashes?

If it’s not related to write permissions, can you please also provide the SRGDESC?

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Dear Eyth.alison,

Thank for your advice,
I tried to change write permission, and program still remaining crashes as previous.
the TMP_COMBINED_SRG.txt file created but with empty 0 byte.

I attached below SRGDESC file and metlist file.
Could your please look at this.

SRGDESC.txt (664 Bytes)
metfile_list.12US1_17nei.txt (122 Bytes)

We note that TMP_COMBINED_SRG.txt is supposed to contain the contents of US_100_NOFILL.txt as the script runs, but something is going wrong with that step.

In the SRGDESC, if you add “./” to the beginning of each file path and also add quotes, as in:


US,200,“Urban Primary Road Miles”,“./US_200_FILL.txt”

US,210,“Rural Primary Road Miles”,“./US_210_FILL.txt”

Does this help?

If not, what happens if you copy US_100_NOFILL.txt to TMP_COMBINED_SRG.txt before the run starts?

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Dear Eyth.alison,

According to your suggestion,
I copied the header of US_100_NOFILL.txt to TMP_COMBINED_SRG.txt before the run.
and program worked,
thank for your expertise, i could gain moves forward.

I thought, it worked and i have prepare more input data accordingly.

Dear Eyth.Alison,

Thank for your expertise, It worked.