Met4moves running error

I have used smoke4.8 and run met4moves.
I saved what I did and the errors I received on the text file I uploaded.
Thank u for helping.
error.txt (5.1 KB)

The error message is:

ERROR: input file not found: TMP_SRG


Check the following:

  • Does SRGPRO_PATH point to the location of the spatial surrogates, including USA_100_12km.txt?

  • Does SRGDESC contain any additional or absolute paths (which would be appended to SRGPRO_PATH) when listing the surrogate filenames?

Thanks for your answer.
I set them and
ERROR: input file not found: TMP_SRG solved but still, there is an error.
error.txt (11.1 KB)

Error message is saying that you have a missing MCIP that covers your modeling period. Due to time zone shifting by county (to compute county-specific local time temporal profiles), you do need an extra either day (early or later) of MCIP file depending on the modeling region.

Thanks for your response.
But I have used the test case of smoke4.8 without any changes to it.

The SMOKE package from CMAS is not designed to contain the complete set of input files but the installation checks. You can not run Met4moves without the complete MCIP files. if you are interested in running the US domains, please consider to use the US EPA NEI emissions modeling platform packages that contains the complete set of inputs/outputs/run scripts and more.

Hi again.
This time I am using my data for running met4moves but I got the >

ERROR: input file not found: TMP_SRG
>  /home/farzad/SMK_HOME/data/ge_dat_isf/Surrogates_1p8km/IR_110_1p8km.txt

and this error is confused me because I did do your solution. I imported my data and the exact error I got.
env.txt (13.6 KB)
ERROR: input file not found: TMP_SRG.txt (4.7 KB)
GRIDDESC.txt (331 Bytes)
SRGDESC.txt (303 Bytes)
Thanks for your helping.

The error message is saying that the surrogate you are trying to use does not exist at the location you listed (home/farzad/SMK_HOME/data/ge_dat_isf/Surrogates_1p8km). Please check the surrogate filename to make sure there is no typo.

The problem solved.