I try to run rateperprofile RPP Smoke script,
but i get stuck with movesmrg could not read MAXTEMP from METMOVES file.

as on the log attached.

movesmrg.rateperprofile.nctox.20161008.us12-nc.txt (18.8 KB)

Could you please review the log file and give the solution.

Thank you.

The nctox case is very old and would not reflect how emissions are currently processed.

The EPA Air emissions modeling web page has the latest scripts for running SMOKE-MOVES.

2017-2019 platforms are available here:


The 2016 platforms are available here:


The scripts for each platform as part of the smoke zip file. Here is that zip for 2019:


We recommend you model your case after these recent scripts.

Regarding the issue you are having, the error says it cannot fine the 10/8 timestep from the met4moves output even though earlier in the log it says the METMOVES has three daily timesteps starting on 10/8.

One possibility is that there was a problem with the met4moves run. You would need to ensure the proper time steps are available in the SMOKE_DAILY output from met4moves.

Another that may be an issue: If you have met data for only three days, this may be part of the problem.

Can you try running met4moves for as much of October as possible?

Sometimes we have to add an additional timestep or two to the met4moves output, although that’s usually to the end of the modeling period rather than the beginning.

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Dear Eyth.Alison.

Thank for your comment,
Actually i have met data for only three days.
According to your comments, i will prepare data to extend the modelling period to the entire October plus 1 or 2 day of November, though it is a time consuming work.

Beside i will update to the latest scripts for running SMOKE-MOVES, but i need some time to familiarise with it.