Missing "na" function


I am trying to run raob analysis on model results, but coming across with the following error:

Error in na(levels[l]) : could not find function “na”
Calls: raob_query_native -> writeLines -> paste

I checked the list of installed functions in R, but this function is not within the list of available functions that can be added later on and it looks like this is an intrinsic function built-in. I even added the “na.tools” function with a hope that the missing “na” function maybe within that function, but I get the same result. Could you help me to identify the problem? Is my matching_raob.csh file wrong? I cut and pasted the flags portion of that file below. matching_surface file works fine.

setenv NATIVE T

setenv SKIPIND “1 1”


Thank you for your help.



I resolved my problem. As I was reviewing MET_dbase.R and MET_matching_raob.R, there was a typo within the line that checks is a data point is available. This error translated into not finding “na” function.

Thank you for those looking into the possibility of what could be wrong in the code. AMET folks did an awesome job putting together such a clever set of analysis routines for model results. Thank you very much guys!