Error in nc_open(file) in ./matching_surface.csh

Hello! I am trying to work with AMET v1.4beta, but when I am runing ./matching_surface.csh I received communicat about Error in nc_open(file).
I tried to run some .nc file in “R” with use nc_open function and it works properly.
Have you ever met this error and do you have any idea about what coud be wrong?

My problem looks like that:

js@jolas:~/AMET/AMET-1.4b/scripts_db/metExample_wrf$ ./matching_surface.csh
Enter the AMET user password:
Date/Time START
Thu May 16 16:58:08 CEST 2019
Loading required package: RMySQL
Loading required package: DBI
Loading required package: date
Loading required package: ncdf4
Error in R_nc4_open: No such file or directory
Error in nc_open(file) : Error in nc_open trying to open file 25G
Execution halted
Date/Time END
Thu May 16 16:58:08 CEST 2019

[1] “dane_netcdf.R” “wrfout_d03_2019-04-21_12:00:00”
[3] “” “wrf_Surface1.ncl”
ncin <- nc_open(“”)

 14 variables (excluding dimension variables):
    char Times[DateStrLen,Time]   
    float T2[west_east,south_north,Time]   
        FieldType: 104
        MemoryOrder: XY
        description: TEMP at 2 M
        units: K
        coordinates: XLONG XLAT XTIME
    float Q2[west_east,south_north,Time]   

I am using AMET_13_metExample data.

Best regards!

The quickstart guide, provides instructions for the AMETv1.4b branch to download the data from, login, then select Software then AMET, click on Software Download, then AMETv1.4b, Select Download.

Then on that page will be a link in the form of a button that says Data Download.

Data Download

Input and output test datasets are available for AMETv1.4b. These test datasets may be used to test the installation of the software. Test data for the AMET meteorology (MET) and air quality (AQ) modes are available from the link below.

This will provide a link to the google drive, where the AMETv1.4b data is available.

The following README will provide instructions on what data is available for AMETv1.4b, and how to download them using gdrive.