Missing SMOKE-MOVES EFTABLES for the 2019 platform

Hi all,
I am runing the onroad RPH emission of the 2019 platform. movesmrg stops with errors: Could not open file rateperhour_smoke_nata_20210219_2019-20211020_10003_1.csv at line 1 of county factors file list.

The EFTABLES I downloaded from the 2019 platform webpage (https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2019/2019emissions/moves_eftables/) are names as

However, the files listed in mrclist_RPH_MOVES3_2019ge_20211020_hapcap_22nov2021_v0 are names as “rateperhour_smoke_nata_20210219_2019-20211020_8099_1.csv”

Where could I get the right eftables files or the right mrclist files? Thank you so much.


We suggest that you replace “nata_20210219” with “aq_cb6_saprc_20211027” in all MRCLIST files.

Thank you so much, Alison. It works.