MTXCALC - no intersection of input/output grids

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to re-grid the BELD5 biogenic emissions from its native 1km x 1km grid to a 36 km x 36 km grid that is based on a polar stereographic projection centred on Western Canada. I am using the mxtcalc m3tool to form the transformation matrix that I will use mtxcple but I am getting an error message that there is no intersection between the original BELD5 grid and the coarse grid (ADMF). I have attached the script I am using, which is based on the aggwnd script (ADMF_convert-script.csh)
ADMF_convert_script.csh (1.2 KB) and the GRIDDESC file
The script seems to understand the different projections and seems to be working correctly (I can make the input and output grids identical for both types of grid and I get a unitary transformation matrix) but when I overlay them to calculate the transformation matrix the error is there is no intersection between the two grids?

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


One suggestion is a sanity-check: use your GRIDDESC and the M3Tools program latlon to generate lat-lon files for both grids, and then use your favorite mapping tooll (VERDI or PAVE) to plot both grids and ensure that they are where you think they are.

Hi Carlie,

The larger grid definition came from the meteorological GRIDDESC for the met data I am using for the project while the BELD5 information came from what Verdi told me about it. So, they should be correct but…something is amiss. I will create the lat-lon files as suggested and confirm I am working with what I think I am working with.



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Be careful that in both cases you are using ISO-Standard longitudes for the grid description parameters (-180<LON<=180) instead of WMO “longitude”. That well might be the problem.