NaN found at output of tmpbeis361.f (SMOKE-BEIS Version 4.8)

Good Afternoon

May you give me a hand regarding a NaN situation.

We ran smoke-beis version 4.8 and found NaN from line 1190 EMSIL in tmpbeis361. Also, there wasn’t NaN in output of normbeis361. Any suggestions where the NaN may generated?

TIA, Xiao

Check met file(s). Also send your logfile output from tmpbeis3.

Hello Jeff,

Thanks a lot for your response and helpful tips.

We solved the issue after finding a precision bug in zenith angle calculation source code (…/src/biog/czangle.f) under SMOKE-beis version 4.8. We declare all related parameters that involved in zenith angle calculation with double precision/real8 to replace the original single precision/real4. Then, the calculation reflect correctly and NaN disappear.

V/R, Xiao

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