NaN values of NH3_Emis variable in CCTM_DRYDEP_* file

When I try to view the NH3 variable of CMAQv5.3.2 output file on VERDI, I see white patches (as opposed to the widespread gray color) in some places although white color is not shown on the color bar on the right side:

When the same variable+file is visualized on ncview, I am still seeing the same white patches that are not referenced on the colorbar all over the land surface:

When I perform M3STAT on the file, I get NaN as the mean value of NH3:
Actually, the two other ammonia variables in the same CCTM_DRYDEP_* file also have NaN values:

Since NH3_Emis also has mean value of NaN, I checked (using M3STAT) the FEST model output file (Ammonia Bidi is activated in CMAQ runscript) but did not see any NaN mean value, only Infinity as the standard deviation:

Does this hint at a problem with NH3 in CMAQ simulation or input file?

Thank you for your question. Could you please specify which deposition module (M3DRY or STAGE) was used in your model run? A value of infinity for the standard deviation in the FEST-C file suggests there is likely an error in the input.

Thanks for responding @dschwede ! I do not remember seeing deposition module option explicitly in the CMAQ runscript, but after running CMAQv5.3.2 cb6r3_ae7, I have seen m3dry in the standard output, so I am pretty sure it is m3dry for my simulations.

Update: I just confirmed that I am using m3dry module looking at the m3dry.F and m3dry.o files in my CMAQ build directory.