Natural emission tag in CMAQ-ISAM V5.4

Dear all,
I plan to turn on MEGAN biogenic emissions and BDSNP soil NO emissions in my simulation. And I want to separate O3 contributions from different sources. The default ‘Stream Label’ for biogenic VOC emissions computed by MEGAN is ‘MIOG’. What ‘Stream Label’ for DSNP soil NO emissions? I couldn’t find relevant information in tutorial materials.

The MIOG stream label captures the contributions of MEGAN emissions of both biogenic VOC and soil NO (either from BDSNP or the default Yienger-Levy scheme, depending on the option set in the run script).

Hi Hogrefe,
Thanks for your response. And I wonder whether it calculate soil NO emission by YL95 scheme if I set BDSNP_MEGAN ‘N’.

Correct. If BDSNP_MEGAN is set to ‘N’, MEGAN uses the default YL95 scheme to calculate soil NO instead of using the BDSNP option.

Is there any way to distinguish the contribution of biogenic VOC emission and soil NO emission to O3? Is it possible to turn off online soil NO emissions calculations in CMAQ?

I think you could try using the mechanism-specific DESID control file to zero out soil NO from the MIOG inline MEGAN emission stream, something along these lines, but I haven’t tried this myself and don’t know for sure if it’d work:

'EVERYWHERE', 'ALL'         ,'NO'     ,'NO'          ,'GAS'  ,1.  ,'UNIT','a',

'EVERYWHERE', 'MIOG'         ,'NO'     ,'NO'          ,'GAS'  ,0.  ,'UNIT','o',

Thank you very much for your advice. I will try it later.