NEGATIVE or UNDEFINED Dry Deposition Velocity

The mode crashed after nearly 23 days of simulation.
I am using the newest wrf-cmaq twoway coupled model.
In fact,I actually ran a case successfully before running this one. The difference between the new case and the previous case is that the inventory used in the new case is the species from CB05, and the previous inventory uses the species from CB06.

I’ve seen posts in the forum discussing this issue, but I don’t understand why this is happening. In particular I can successfully run a case where only the inventory differs.

It is a bit strange to have the model abort with an error like that after 23 days of simulation.
This might be difficult to diagnose. I would start by recompiling the model in debug mode and rerunning, either from the beginning or from the last restart file that you have available. See if that leads to a crash that will help you determine where the NaN is occurring.

I know what happened before. After changing the inventory , for some reason, the wrf part of the coupled mode had an error in vertical wind speed, and before the mode in the wrf part collapsed, the cmaq part had the above problem in the calculation.