NEIC 2016v1 Emissions Question: NH3 Poultry Waste Emissions

Hello CMAS Forum:

I am working on the NEIC 2016v1 emissions platform, and cannot find the poultry waste NH3 emissions in the Ag livestock sector: 2016fh_from_2017NEIdraft_ag_livestock_20190722_05aug2019_v1.csv

I can find the SCCs for poultry production (e.g., 2805007100) in this file, but not any SCCs for poultry waste (e.g., 2805030000).

If anyone can help me find where these emissions are located in the NEIC 2016v1, I appreciate it. Thanks!


The current version of the NEI aggregates EPA estimates for poultry into two processes that are included in the CMU model on which the estimates are based:

2805009100 Agriculture Production - Livestock; Poultry production - broilers; Confinement

2805007100 Agriculture Production - Livestock; Poultry production - layers with dry manure management systems; Confinement

EPA also has an overall SCC for turkeys (although not part of CMU model).

States can report into more specific SCCs, and we use algorithms in EIS to make sure we don’t double count when we create the NEI.

We don’t have any estimates specifically for waste at this time, but those processes would likely be rolled into the above SCCs (see the NEI TSD for more details).

Thank you very much Alison! This does help a lot to understand that those poultry processes are all aggregated into the two SCCs listed here. I will look into those.