No emission for Mexico in othar sector of NEI 2017

Hi All,
I run WRF/Chem with NEI 2017 processed by SMOKE with the default setting. I downloaded everything from
I found a discrepancy in the othar sector between files I generated with Premerged CMAQ-ready Emissions from 2017 v1 NEI Emissions Modeling Platform.

Will the following sentences in 2017gb_package_12jul2021_info.txt explain the zero-emission in Mexico?

"OTHAR: Area source emissions from Canada and Mexico, including mobile nonroad.
As of 29 Jun 2020, Mexico area source inventories are not included. For now,
this sector only includes Canadian emissions."

Thanks so much for any suggestions.


We did not include the Mexico inventories in this package originally. The nonpoint, nonroad and point Mexico inventories are the same as those posted with our 2018 platform. The onroad emissions are different, although similar. We will post a package with these inventories and the correct onroad_mex for 2017 soon – hopefully later this week.

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Glad to know. Thanks so much.

We have posted zips that include the Mexico inventories and an updated β€œinfo” (README) file to here:

Specifically these files were updated / new:



Hopefully these will work for you.

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Surely it is. Thanks so much for letting me know.