High resolution emission inventory for ag sector in Canada


I am trying to use EPA SMOKE 2017 platform for a custom high-resolution (1 km) grid. However, the agriculture sector for Canada is produced using POINT source. Therefore, I am allocating substantial emissions to only 1 grid cell. How can I solve this issue? Is there any specific method to create my own emission inventory or use specific Surrogates?


FYI, as of the 2020 platform, Canada ag emissions are area sources that are allocated using spatial surrogates, see this area of the FTP site:


The Canada ag shapefiles can be used to make surrogates for your domain are available on FTP here:


You would also need the corresponding cross-references from 2020 platform (see https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2020/ancillary_data/).

For the inventory, you could either use the 2020 Canada ag inventories, or convert the 2017 ag inventories to area source and province-level and then apply your newly developed 1km spatial surrogate(s).