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Dear Cmascenter Specialists,

i am running script “Monthly_onroad_RPD_12US1_2016gf_16j.csh” on my own domain,
all Grdmat, Smkinven, Spcmat, Temporal, Smkreport normally Completed, but
Smkmerge issued the following error as attached.

smkmerge_RPD_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j_20161001_12US1_cmaq_cb6ae7.log.txt (24.2 KB)

I am also attached the others logs files

grdmat_RPD_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j_12US1.log.txt (32.3 KB)
smkinven_RPD_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j.log.txt (33.9 KB)
smkreport_RPD_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j_invgrid.log.txt (21.7 KB)
spcmat_RPD_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j_cmaq_cb6ae7.log.txt (26.4 KB)
temporal_RPD_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j_20161001_12US1.log.txt (186.8 KB)

Could you views the files and explain, how to solve this error.

Thank you.

Does your run script call smk_or_monthly_MOVES_emf.csh? This should be in the last line of the main run script, e.g. Monthly_onroad_RPD_12US1_2016gf_16j.csh.

Also, does your run settings file explicitly turn on the Smkmerge program for the onroad sector (or for all sectors)? If so, that should be turned off or removed from the run settings file.

Movesmrg should be called for RPD and not Smkmerge, so we are trying to understand why that is happening.

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Dear Dr. Eyth.Alison.

Thank you for your attention to my post.
As you mentioned to check run settings file, i found the Smkmerge program had been turned on explicitly on that file then i turned it off and the Movesmrg program had been call for RPD script instead of Smkmerge and on my case it successfully completed.

Thank you again for your valluable advices.

Beside, I have one question to ask you related to the length of modelling period, as is the “Monthly_onroad_RPD_12US1_2016gf_16j.csh” script could manage to run one or two days instead of whole one month as in my case, which is October 2016 and if it’s possible, how to do this.

Thank you.

We presume you started with the scripts from the 2016v3 platform for your work.

Typically we find that a full month is best for quality assurance purposes.

However, Section 12 of the 2017 package info/README talks about finer control regarding the days that are being run:

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Dear Dr. Eyth.Alison.

Thank you for your guidance in running SMOKE for only part of a month, it worked.

But i faced another challenge on running Rateperhour,

All Grdmat, Smkinven, Spcmat, Temporal, Smkreport normally completed, but Movesmrg failed as i attached bellow.

movesmrg_RPH_onroad_oct_2016gf_16j_20161001_12US1_cmaq_cb6ae7.txt (412.2 KB)

i also attached another files:
Monthly_onroad_RPH_12US1_2016gf_16j.csh.txt (8.2 KB)
mrclist_RPH_MOVES3_2016gf_20220519_singlecounty_15jun2022_v0.txt (54 Bytes)

Could you help me to recognize what cause the error.

Thak you in advance.

We note that the MRCLIST was changed to mention a different reference county, which is likely the problem. We suggest you try using the original MRCLIST from the package.

We are not sure what you are attempting to do. Are they running the full CONUS domain? If you are only running a portion of the CONUS – such as one or two counties or a similar small case, then a different solution may be needed.

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Dear Dr. Eyth.Alison.

Actually i am currently working to model air pollution from mobile sector on my own domain, in Vietnam, which of course very small comparing to the CONUS.

In the process i had faced challenges and things i don’t understand, so i post my question to the forum asking for explaination.

I am very thank for your help giving me a solutions to overcome these challenges.

Which version of MOVES did you use and how did you put the data into the lookup tables? Perhaps there is a formatting error.

Have you looked at the tables for a US-based example? We have them released for many platforms –

Here is example for 2020

State 10 (Delaware) files are small if you want to download those for review:

If you download the platform files and strip the activity data down to state 10 only you could run a test case and make sure that is working before you try for your own domain that may be a faster path to success. There amount of support we can continue to provide for an international domain is limited.

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