Overflow prevented while parsing line PARSLINE when running onroad_RPV

Hi all,
I got a “Formatting problem” when running onroad_RPV. It seems the input file of 2017gb_nata_onroad_SMOKE_MOVES_NATAstyle_14may2020_v0.csv can not be read in. Should I reformat it and how can I do that? Attached is the running script, error message and head of 2017gb_nata_onroad_SMOKE_MOVES_NATAstyle_14may2020_v0.csv.

Thanks so much, and any suggestions are appreciated.

2017gb_nata_onroad_SMOKE_MOVES_NATAstyle_14may2020_v0_head.csv (7.0 KB)
Monthly_onroad_RPV_36US3_2017gb_17j.csh (8.4 KB)
smkinven_RPV_onroad_jan_2017gb_17j.log.txt (5.7 KB)

You should only use NATA style EFs if you are running a full scenario with HAPs, which most outside EPA are not.

Have you downloaded the AQ_style EFs from here?


Hi Alison. Yes, I downloaded the AQ_style EFs and put it in the script "setenv MRCLIST “${GE_DAT}/onroad/mrclist_RPV_2017nei_AQ_20191228_20200206_merged_22jun2020_v0"”. Should I comment out the “setenv EMISINV_A “$CASEINPUTS/onroad/2017gb_nata_onroad_SMOKE_MOVES_NATAstyle_14may2020_v0.csv”” then?

This issue typically happens whether there are more column data than the program can handle.
I just checked your same inventory input file, and the format looks good to me. FF10_ONROAD format should support up to 45 columns, including the comment column (col 45).
To hack the issue. I would suggest first removing the column header line at line# 23 starting with “country_cd,region_cd,tribal_code,census_tract…”. Secondly, you need to make sure whether the last column (#45) is correctly treated as a comment by double quotes around it (like “This is comments”) or putting an exclamation point (!) at the beginning of the comment to avoid any parsing issue.

OK – it seems that you replaced the onroad VPOP activity data file with the onroad emissions FF10 summary file and then tried to run SMOKE-MOVES.

If you are trying to run SMOKE-MOVES but for 36km, you need to revert back to the VPOP file that was provided with the package.

If you prefer to run onroad as a nonpoint style source instead of running SMOKE-MOVES, we have instructions and tools regarding how to do that here:


Hi Alison, thanks so much for your reply. It works!

Hi, Baek, thanks for your reply. It works now with suggestions from Alison.