Line parsing error in NEI platform

Hi all,

I’m using 2015 NEI modeling platform and faced a problem in spcmat program.
After running the RWC script, smkinven finishes successfully with no error. However, an error appears on spcmat log file:

" Reading speciation cross-reference file…
ERROR: Overflow prevented while parsing line PARSLINE
First 200 characters of line contents are:
“10100300”,“75014”,“SO2”,"! lignite coal"
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine PARSLINE
Formatting problem."

Please note that SMK_SOURCE is already set to “A” and also I tried changing the speciation reference file (remove comments and round up numbers) to reduce lines length, based on the suggestion in this forum ([ The result was 7 million lines of warnings in the spcmat log file (almost all of them related to the reference file), and then the error was that at least one of these warnings are level 0.

Does anyone have any idea that what might be wrong with my case?

Thank you in advance for your help,

@Soroush. I think you need to remove the double quotes around the comment column. Anything after the ! (exclamation point) will be automatically disregarded. Current format with double quotes around the comment will give you an error like that. Give it a try to remove the double quotes and let me know how it goes.

“10100300”,“75014”,“SO2” ! lignite coal

What version of SMOKE are you using? Note that the
GSREF in 2014 and later platforms uses a newer format that doesn’t work in SMOKE 4.0 or earlier versions.

Hi @bbaek ,
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried removing double quotes at the comment column. Then again I received the parsing error at this line:
Then I rounded up the last number to make the line shorter. The result was similar to the last time I edited the GSREF file. The spcmat file contains millions of warnings and, therefore, I don’t have the emission output.

Thank you for reminding @eyth.alison. The smoke version is 4.5, it should not be the problem. I’m going to check if the compilation setting on the server is inconsistent with the downloaded platform.

I will continue working on it and update this forum.