2019 NEI platform - canada_ag - ERROR: Overflow prevented while parsing line PARSLINE

Hi all,
I am processing the 2019 NEI emission. When it comes to the sector " canada_ag", smkinven returns an error:

ERROR: Overflow prevented while parsing line PARSLINE
First 200 characters of line contents are:
“CA”,“10001”,“NL”,“10001_1”,“b”,“c”,“d”,“2805000000”,“NH3”,0.00013,“Agricultural Animals-Fox”,“112930”,-54.3037338,46.9115599,“002”,“80126”,“2016”,16122020,0,0,0,2e-0

This error happened since there are more columns in the data file than the program can handle.

The emission input file (canada_MYR_2016_ag_animal_NH3_VOC_monthly_12km_aggregated_09jun2021_v0.csv) is download from the 2019 platform (https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2019/2019emissions/). It is “FF10_NONPOINT” file, but has more than 45 columns in the text.

Are there any updates of this emission file, which can be sucussfully processed by the SMOKE smkinven program? Thank you so much.


A followup of this problem:

There are 77 columns in the canada_MYR_2016_ag*.csv files, which are consistent with the FF10_POINT format.
I revised the head (first line) of the csv files from “#FORMAT FF10_NONPOINT” to "#FORMAT FF10_POINT and ran this sector as a point source, instead of area. The outputs look good so far.

Could anyone confirm this modification is correct and we should process the cananda_ag sector in the 2019 NEI as a point source (not area) ? Thank you so much for any comments / inputs.

Hi, yes, you need to run the provided files for the canada_ag sector as point sources as the emissions were remapped onto the EPA US grids. Other options could be available if you go back to the Canadian grid projection, but I assume you are using the US grids.

Thanks Alison for the response. Yes, I am using the US grids (12US1).

BTW, there are 4 canada_MYR_2016_ag_* .csv files located in the othptdust folder, which need the same modification (from “#FORMAT FF10_NONPOINT” to “#FORMAT FF10_POINT”).