PM2.5 species in AMET-AQ Observation Data for Dec 2019 over Northeastern US


I have a quick question about AQS data for Dec 2019.
There are no available sites AQS data for PM2.5 species in Dec 2019 over northeastern U.S…
Will PM2.5 species data of AQS for Dec 2019 be added later?

Thank you in advance!


The AQS observation data provided with AMET will be updated in the very near future. That should fix the missing December 2019 data you’re experiencing.

If your work is time sensitive in anyway, I can provide an advance version of the 2019 data for you to use. But rest assured an updated is coming within the next couple months, if not sooner.


Hi Wyat,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
It will be great if you could provide the advance version of the 2019 data for me.

Thank you!

Sure. You can use the link below to get the preliminary 2019 AMET-ready obs data. Please report back any issues you run into. Thanks!


Get it, thanks a lot !

Hi Wyat,

I checked the AQS_daily data, similar to the previous one, still miss data in Dec 2019 for PM2.5 species.

Please try this updated file. I recreated the AQS obs files using the latest available pre-generated files from the EPA website. They should fully complete for 2019. Please let me know if they are (or are not). Thanks.


Thanks a lot! There are available PM2.5 species data for my smaller domain in Dec 2019 now.