Premerged Nonpoint Emissions for 2019


I am interested in working with the premerged nonpt emissions files for January and July 2019 that went into the January/July 2019 merged area files (emis_mole_all_2019_12US1_nobeis_norwc_WR413_MYR_2019.nc4). The files I would like to work with have file pathways in the metadata listed as: “/work/MOD3EVAL/callen05/WR413/WR413_MYR_2019/premerged/nonpt/emis_mole_nonpt_2019_12US1_cmaq_cb6_WR413_MYR_2019.ncf”

Is it possible for the premerged nonpoint data to be made available for download?

Thank you for your help!


The premerged nonpoint emissions for 2019 have been uploaded to the EQUATES S3 bucket:

Please see the following readme.html for download instructions.

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