Problem in finding data for spatial surrogate

I am working on my own domian using NEI 2018 platform and found the spatial surrogate input are different than the default settings. I am wondering:

  1. if my domain in involved in default CONUS12 domain, do I need to running my own SRGPRO for SMOKE.
  2. I am wondering where can I find the inputs for running my own SRGPRO since from the website ( I can find the folder description but no file can be downloaded. I need these to file to get the input for spatial allocator.

Hope someone can help me with these questions. Thanks a lot!


If your domain is cleanly nested and aligned within the 12US1 or 12US2 domain, you don’t need to rerun surrogates because SMOKE will automatically adjust for that.

4km surrogates are also available.

If your domain is not nested within the 12US or 4km surrogate domains, you can download Shapefiles from the SurrogateToolsDB release on the CMAS center and process for your own domain.

Thank you for your response. I am trying to generate my own USA_xx.txt files for my run. But I found the Spatial Allocator I downloaded from the website doesn’t include the input shapefiles. May I know where can I download those files? Mainly refers to the files listed in the .txt documents in

The Shapefiles you can use are linked from the SurrogateToolsDB documentation that is accessible from the CMAS center.

If you click through to the documentation and then the Quickstart you will find a link to Shapefiles on this page

Thanks for your help.
My domain is nested in the CONUS12US1 but with different coordination, is that still work? The error in the log file indicates:
ERROR: Grid type, cell sizes, or grid projection for US_12km in grid description file are inconsistent with initialized values.

In addition, I am trying to run spatial allocator instead of Postgres Surrogate Tool. I am wondering where can I download the documents listed in this link:

If the map projection is different, SMOKE will not automatically use the same surrogates.

For the most part, the SurrogateToolsDB and the SpatialAllocator can use the same input data to create surrogates.

However, the spatial allocator has some features that the SurrogateToolsDB does not unrelated to surrogates and it can also make surrogates on non-regular grids.

If you are just trying to create spatial surrogates for emissions modeling, they are mostly equivalent tools.

The SurrogateToolsDB works better on some of the larger datasets that became available in recent years.

I’m not sure where you can now get the files referenced from that page. You can see that they are older, from the year 2017.

The files are linked on the Spatial Allocator 4.4 download page. From the Spatial Allocator software page (CMAS: Community Modeling and Analysis System) click DOWNLOAD. Select SPATIAL ALLOCATOR 4.4.

The item labeled “Sample Data update for 4.4” is the archive The second archive labeled “Sample Data for 4.3” is

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