PROBLEM runnning CMAQ with MPI Intel

Hello to everyone,

I am trying to run the model with Intel mpirun. All libraries are compiled with the same Intel compilers (Parallel studio xe 2020). But unfortunately y encounter the same error in all my runs:

[mpiexec@node-14.local] HYD_sock_write (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/libhydra/sock/hydra_sock_intel.c:360): write error (No such file or directory)
[mpiexec@node-14.local] stdoe_cb (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/mpiexec/mpiexec_utils.c:349): unable to write data to stdout/stderr
[mpiexec@node-14.local] control_cb (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/mpiexec/mpiexec.c:1325): error calling stderr cb
[mpiexec@node-14.local] HYDI_dmx_poll_wait_for_event (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/libhydra/demux/hydra_demux_poll.c:80): callback returned error status
[mpiexec@node-14.local] main (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/mpiexec/mpiexec.c:2019): error waiting for event

I use SLURM to administrate my runs at the server. I tried using 24 cores for one task, 16 cores for two tasks, and 16 cores for two tasks each in a different node, but i get the same error in every run. I am running CMAQ 5.0.2 with a domain of 118x188 cells of 2.7 Km^2 for each cell area.

Hope someone can guide me in which resources should I allocate for my run or if this is an error relating the run script or the input files.

Thank you in advance!!

Were you able to resolve this error? If not, please attach your run script and full error logs.