Process Analysis in Coupled WRF-CMAQ

Hi all,

I am running the latest available coupled version WRF3.8-CMAQ5.2. When I run coupled version with process analysis turned on, the model crashes with segmentation fault. Is it something that is not implemented in WRF-CMAQ? In the scripts, I couldn’t find any switch that I can use to run either one of IPR or IRR. How can I accomplish that?

Also, what should the PACM_INFILE environment variable be set to? For now, I have bypassed this problem by copying pa.inp. However, I would like to set this in the run script.

Thanks for help,

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your message. Are you able to run the code successfully with Process Analysis turned off? If so, please turn it on and compile with debug flags on to get some clue as to where the fault is occurring.
I have invited two other developers to the discussion who can help you with your question about switching between IPR and IRR.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the response. I have been running it successfully without process analysis turned off. I will recompile it with debug flags on and see how it goes.


How to solve it in Process Analysis ?