How to run PA in CMAQ5.3.3

Hi all.
I install the CMAQ5.3.3 and want to run PA in the CCTM script. I kept the default format in the script:
setenv CTM_PROCAN Y #> use process analysis [ default: N]
if ( $?CTM_PROCAN ) then # $CTM_PROCAN is defined
if ( $CTM_PROCAN == ‘Y’ || $CTM_PROCAN == ‘T’ ) then

    setenv PA_BCOL_ECOL "1 156"  # default: all columns
    setenv PA_BROW_EROW "1 117"  # default: all rows
    setenv PA_BLEV_ELEV "1  40"   # default: all levels
    setenv PACM_INFILE  ${NMLpath}/pa_${MECH}.ctl


And here is the error infomation:
PA_DATAGEN: Process Analysis is activated

 File "PACM_INFILE" opened for input on unit:  94

 ERROR: Expecting a + or ; after a IPR_OUTPUT operator
        Line No.   47: IPR_OUTPUT EC = COAG + EMIS + HADV;
        Character found: E

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GETIPROUT on PE 022

PM3EXIT: date&time specified as 0
Date&time specified as 0

If there is a fomatting error in the pa_cb6r3_ae6_aq.ctl?

It was a fomat error and I got it.