Processing EDGAR using SMOKE v4.7

Hi all,
I am using SMOKE v4.7 to process EDGAR v5.0 emission to prepare emission input for CMAQ v5.3.1. I have successfully test the smk_edgar_HEMI108k.csh. I noticed there are 27 different sectors in EDGAR v5.0. So i am confused about how to deal with these emissions from different sectors. Should i use smk_edgar_HEMI108k.csh to process all these data or manually classify these emissions into point, area and process them separately? Also, when should i use layalloc? Should i use layalloc to process industrial and energy sources and use smk_edgar_HEMI108k to process the rest ? Thanks!

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First, because all these EDGAR emissions are pregridded, you should consider them as area sources. To be stationary sources, there are several required source information like location coordinates, stack parameters (i.e., diameter, stack height, exit velocity,).
Second, because the size of files and number of grid cells, you probably need to process them by sector to reduce the memory requirement.
There is no run script for Layalloc but you can simply create one for yourself based on the information from SMOKE user’s guide.

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Thanks so much! I have another question, i am doing the hemispheric modeling, what should i do if i want to use NEI for the US and EDGAR for the rest of the place? Thanks!

EPA wrote a TSD on how the 2016 platform hemispheric emissions were processed, which included some similar emissions. It is linked from

You can review that for ideas / suggestions and review where layalloc was used. If something isn’t clear, please follow back up with us.