EDGAR emission inventory VOC mapping in CMAQ (cb6r3_ae7)

Dear all.
I am trying to create an emission input file, but I cannot use the SMOKE model.
I wondering about how the 25 VOCs from the EDGAR are mapped to variables in the CMAQ model.
please give me some informations.

Please review this previous post about using EDGAR. Processing EDGAR using SMOKE v4.7

This document also contains some mapping information.

Thank you for your response.

I have one more question. I am curious about which PROFILE CODE in the SMOKE gspro.cb6r3_ae7 file maps to which SECTOR in the EDGAR dataset. I would greatly appreciate your help in answering this question.

I’ve attached the appropriate GSPRO and GSREF. Let us know if you don’t get them and if so we’ll put on the FTP site.

gspro_HTAP_CB06_from_2011ei_corrected_21oct2022_v0.txt (15.6 KB)

gsref_HTAP_20feb2024_nf_v3.txt (2.05 KB)

Thank you, Alison.Thank you very much for your response. Your answer was of great help.

Best regards
Heo Min

Dear Alison,

Thanks to your help, I was able to resolve the issue. I also need EDGAR data, not just EDGAR-HTAP. Is it possible for me to download them(gspro, gsref, gscnv) from the FTP server?

Best regards,
Heo Min

A GSCNV is not needed, since the speciation profiles we use for HTAP operate directly off of VOC rather than TOG.

Please set POLLUTANT_CONVERSION to N if it isn’t already.

The gspro and gsref files have been posted here: