Ptegu running error


I encountered the following ERROR while running ptegu_onetime.csh:

 ERROR: No speciation cross-reference available (and no default) for:
      Region: 053065 Plant: 6164811 Char1: 15571113 Char2: 15229412 Char3: 2143714
      Char4: 0030700808
      SCC: 0030700808 POL: HGSUM
 ERROR: No speciation cross-reference available (and no default) for:
      Region: 055073 Plant: 7078511 Char1: 14848513 Char2: 14529912 Char3: 67089014
      Char4: 0030501090
      SCC: 0030501090 POL: HGSUM

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine ASGNSPRO
 Problem assigning speciation profiles to sources

Does this mean i am missing some data? If so, where can i find these data?
@bbaek @eyth.alison

Some questions would help us answer this. What platform are the scripts you are running from?

Are you trying to include mercury in your emissions inputs to the AQ model? What is the INVTABLE you are using?

Thanks for your reply, I am using NEI 2011 and SMOKE-3.6. Yes i am trying to include Hg emissions. I am using the following INVTABLE: invtable_2011v2_platform_cb6_integrate_12mar2015_v1.txt
And i changed the following two lines, changed KEEP to Y:

HGSUM EXH EXH__7439976 Y 1.0 Y N tons/yr Mercury, unspeciated
HGSUM 7439976 Y 1.0 Y N tons/yr Mercury, Unspeciated Mercury

By the way, i am using the following GSCNV, GSPRO and GSPRE:
gspro_cmaq_cb05_tx_2011eg_nata_v6_11g_nf.txt (1.4 MB)
gsref_ptegu_cb05_toxics_2011eg_nata_v6_11g_nf.txt (3.0 MB)
invtable_2011v2_platform_cb6_integrate_12mar2015_v1.txt (105.7 KB)
gscnv_cmaq_cb05_tx_2011eg_nata_v6_11g_nf.txt (103.9 KB)


Can I ask why you are using a very old version of SMOKE and 2011 NEI instead of a newer version?

Sure, because i am going to do a 2010 simulation to compare with our old simulation.

One quick thing that may or may not help: set NO_SPC_ZERO_EMIS to Y, if it is not already set that way.

If it’s already set to Y, or if changing that parameter doesn’t solve the error, that means your GSREF doesn’t contain mercury speciation profile assignments for all of the SCCs with mercury emissions in their inventory. We suggest using the GSREF and GSPRO from the 2020 platform (, in case more SCCs are covered there. If you run into the same error after that, you’ll need to add speciation profile assignments to the GSREF for all of the SCCs that have HGSUM emissions but don’t have an HGSUM profile assignment.

If you run into further problems, please provide the Smkinven and Spcmat logs