Question about modifying ptegu sector inventories from NEI

Hi all,

I have a question about an error I see after modifying the PTINV CEMS and nonCEMS inventories to run the EGU sector using as baseline the 2016NEI.

If I remove some units from the CEMS FF10 file, I can successfully complete the onetime script, but I see this error with the seasonal one that points to the smkmerge program.

WARNING in subroutine CHKFIL3 <<<
Inconsistent file attribute NROWS for file INLN
Value from file: 8531
Value from caller: 8221
Could not open file set “INLN”.

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine OPENMRGOUT
 Could not open file set "INLN".

I had a look at openmrgout.f but I cannot figure out what file it is comparing against.

What I am confused about is the value from file not changing (8531), since the stack groups file is created properly and contains a smaller amount of units (8221).

Any suggestions?


After some digging in the specifics of 2016NEI, I found that there is the additional EMISINV_B1 that I was missing. This is related to 2016 projections of the 2014 EGU fleet and is documented in the 2016NEI TSD.