Question regarding nonroad VOCs speciation based on NEI emission inventory

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Recently I am working on nonroad California VOCs speciation based on NEI emission inventory and SCC profiles. I tried to search related references and found the following process details which I would like to follow (Please find the slides and process figure attached below). But I have no idea where I can find the data of Engine size and Engine Technology etc for California. Could you please give me some instructions?
(Please note that I am working with the speciation of VOCs to real VOCs species rather than model species.)

The slides which I find useful is

Any details are highly appreciated!

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Have you checked the SPECIATE website? I think the information you are looking for should be in that SPECIATE DBs. It has the SCC information, SCC-specific speciation profiles, and so on.

There is a nonroad speciation report here (

Many thanks for these useful materials!