SMOKE smk_rateperdistance_nctox.csh stopped with movesmrg

Dear Cmascenter Forum:

I am currently csh running SMOKE 4.81 on my own domain
When i execute smk_rateperdistance_nctox.csh, the program stop with error as below:

grdmat, smkinven, spcmat and temporal are normally completed, only MOVESMRG stopped.

I attached here logs files and GRIDDESC.
grdmat.rateperdistance.nctox.us12-nc.txt (13.3 KB)
movesmrg.rateperdistance.nctox.20161007.us12-nc.txt (18.3 KB)
smkinven.rateperdistance.nctox.txt (31.2 KB)
spcmat.rateperdistance.nctox.cmaq_cb05_soa.txt (19.0 KB)
temporal.rateperdistance.nctox.20161007.us12-nc.txt (19.5 KB)
GRIDDESC.txt (741 Bytes)

Could you help me get out of this error.
Thank you.

Is this domain in North America? If so, we recommend you download one of the EPA modeling platforms available here instead of using the nctox case which is very old

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Dear Alison,

Very thank for your response.
Actually, I did not understand the error, so i got stuck since i posted above topic, my domain is hanoi city of vietnam,
I think the variable missmatch in somewhere, maybe in Met CRO file, or in look up table, but currently i am checking my surrogate files.
Thank you for your guidance, i will try your new update script.