MCIP running error with Bad X-Y origin in file "GRID_CRO_2D"

i am running MCIP on my own domain and i got stuck with this error:
Screenshot from 2023-07-06 17-04-37

This is my WRF file input:
WRF global attributes.txt (6.9 KB)

Please give me solution.

Thank you for reply.

Your WRF run used a Mercator projection, and I am not sure whether or how well that is supported. Even if it is not supported, there should be a better error message.

First, are you using the latest version of MCIP, released with CMAQv5.4? If not, please try the latest version.

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Dear cgnolte,

Thank you for your speedy response,

the MCIP is latest version 5.4, as you can see the red mark in the image attached.

You appear to have a line in your script that has set the environment variable IOAPI_CHECK_HEADERS to T. Try commenting that out or setting to F and see if that helps.

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Dear cgnolte.

Thank you for your advise, it was great, it worked.

And the output include GRIDDESC file, which i didn’t realize the coordination type and it parameters.
Could you please explain it.
I attached below the GRIDDESC image.

Thank you in advance.

The GRIDDESC file is described here.
You might find it helpful to read more about IOAPI here.

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