Run.cctm Variable PS04 incorrect for this model

As the error message in your screenshot says, some of the the desired ACONC output species you are specifying in your AVG_CONC_SPCS list that are not valid model species. A list of all possible model output species can be found in the first column of the GC_.nml, AE_.nml, NR_.nml and TR_.nml namelist files in your BLD directory. You can also use setenv AVG_CONC_SPCS "ALL" to write out all model species to the CCTM_ACONC file.

Looking at the list you provided, it seems you were listing species present in your emission file(s) as desired model output species (e.g. PSO4, PEC). While for some species (e.g. CO, NO, NO2) the name of the emitted species is identical to the name of the model species, this is generally not the case, particularly not for aerosol species.

Assuming you are using CMAQv5.3 or later, the mapping of emitted species to model species is defined in the EmissCtrl namelist file in your BLD directory (in earlier versions, that mapping was part of the GC*.nml, AE*.nml, etc. files), though note that for aerosol species a letter indicating the appropriate mode (I, J, or K) is appended to the “CMAQ species” listed in the fourth column to generate the species names in the model output files.