Error in running CCTM with CMAQv5.0.2

Hi everyone
When I was running CCTM(with CMAQv5.0.2), CCTM prompted the following error:

*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine map_pmemis on PE 000
Could not find the following species in emissions file
Date&time specified as 0

application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 538976288) - process 1
application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 538976288) - process 4

I used SMOKEv3.5, and my emission data only have TSP, PM10, PM25, SO4, NO3 species.
How can I fix the problem without adding species emission in emission data? Because I don’t have them.


@Allen. Here is the response from @Ben_Murphy:
You will technically be able to apply your emissions to be used for input to CMAQ the way they are (using the procedure described below), but it likely will not give you useful results, depending on what your intended purpose is. There are two steps to this procedure:

  1. Modify the file AERO_DATA.F so that your aerosol emissions are pointing to the species that you have. In the aerospc table (starting around line 103) there is a column labeled “Emis_1”. Modify the entries in that column to your existing variables on the emissions input file. If SO4 and NO3 are called PSO4 and PNO3 on your file, then they can stay the way they are. For the others, you need to point them to PM25 for this step and specify their fractional contribution in step 2 below. All of the fine PM species should be updated to PM25 in the “Emis_1” column except PSO4 and PNO3. The PMC species should be updated to PM10.

  2. Modify the AE_[$mech]/nml file to apply fractional speciation of the PM25 emissions. You’re looking specifically at the “EMIS_FAC” column in this file. No need to modify the SO4 or NO3 rows if you’re going to keep those. The value for “EMIS_FAC” for each species should be updated to the fraction of the PM25 emissions you want going to that species. The same value should be used for species ending in “J” and species ending in “I”. The accumulation/Aitken mode splitting will be applied elsewhere, if this version of CMAQ includes that. Some additional exceptions that don’t require modification of “EMIS_FAC” are ASEACAT, NUMATKN, NUMACC, NUMCOR, and ASOIL. The species ACORS should be updated to the fraction of PM10 that you think is larger than PM25.

To reiterate, these modification should allow CMAQ to run, but it is going to be computing emissions with the same chemical composition of PM25 for all sources. As long as that is acceptable for your purposes, have at it.