Running bcon for multiple days in CMAQ-v5.3.3

I need to do many days of results, so I need many days of bcon files, but I can only do one day of bcon files at a time, which is too tiring, so I need a bcon loop script that can get many days of bcon files each time I run it. Thank you !!!!

set DATE = "2016-07-01"
set YYYYJJJ  = `date -ud "${DATE}" +%Y%j`   #> Convert YYYY-MM-DD to YYYYJJJ
set YYMMDD   = `date -ud "${DATE}" +%y%m%d` #> Convert YYYY-MM-DD to YYMMDD
set YYYYMMDD = `date -ud "${DATE}" +%Y%m%d` #> Convert YYYY-MM-DD to YYYYMMDD


setenv STIME 000000

setenv RUNLEN 240000

if ( BCON_TYPE == regrid ) then setenv CTM_CONC_1 /work/MOD3EVAL/sjr/CCTM_CONC_v53_intel18.0_2016_CONUS_test_{YYYYMMDD}.nc
setenv MET_CRO_3D_CRS /work/MOD3DATA/2016_12US1/met/mcip_v43_wrf_v381_ltng/METCRO3D.12US1.35L.{YYMMDD} setenv MET_BDY_3D_FIN /work/MOD3DATA/SE53BENCH/met/mcip/METBDY3D_{YYMMDD}.nc

if ( $BCON_TYPE == profile ) then
setenv BC_PROFILE $BLD/avprofile_cb6r3m_ae7_kmtbr_hemi2016_v53beta2_m3dry_col051_row068.csv

While the bcon example run script distributed with CMAQ currently does not include any looping over days, many other example run scripts (e.g. the combine run script and the CCTM run script) do. You can borrow the date looping structure from those run scripts to modify your bcon run script to meet your needs.

Thank you for your suggestions! Actually, I tried to change it yesterday, but it didn’t work. After listening to your suggestion, I decided to give it another try according to the link you provided. :grinning:

*Thank you very much @ ogrefe.christian. I have successfully modified the script. I am so happy, It saves me a lot of time.