Running CMAQ-ISAM v5.0.2 for multiple days

Hi everyone. I’m new to CMAQ-ISAM and wonder how it works when I want to run the model for multiple days. The v5.0.2 script doesn’t have a time loop in it, so I guess I have to run the script day by day. I prepared the ICON and BCON for the first day, and I ran the script for the first day. For the first day run, the ISAM_NEW_START was set to Y. Then when I run for the next day, I should set ISAM_NEW_START to N, right? I’ll change all the emis files to the next day. But do I need to prepare the ICON and BCON for the next day? I know that when I set ISAM_NEW_START to N, the model will prepare the ICON and BCON based on the previous run, but I don’t know how the model looks for the previous run, and if this will ignore the ICFILE and BCFILE set in the run script. Do I need to tell the model where the previous run is?

Why not use something like M3Tools program m3cple to create multi-day inputs from your single-day ones, and run the whole tim-period as one single continuous run? It should certainly make your analyses much easier…

Please consider upgrading to the CMAQ v5.3 Release model as the scripts to run for multiple days are available for CMAQ-ISAM as part of this release.