Running BEIS 3.7 on 2016v2 platform

I’m attempting to run BEIS 3.7 with BELD 5 from the 2016v2 platform. I have a custom 4km grid.
This script ran and produced output, but the VOC emissions are far less than the same run using BEIS 3.6.1. and BELD 4.1 (see comparison):

I wonder if I have configured the run correctly? Here is my run script. I successfully used aggwndw to great a BELD5 file for my domain. I added a header to the B360FAC file that came default with the 2016fj_16j platform script (beld5_facs_csv_fmt_2017NEI_CDC_21apr2020_v0) and renamed the variable to BEISFAC. Is this correct input file to run with BEIS 3.7?
Thanks for taking a look!
Annual_beis3.7_4UDAQ_2017by_17v2.csh (7.2 KB)

The VOC has reduced quite a bit in the new version due to EF and land use refinements.

What was the percent reduction you saw?

~ 65% decrease in VOC across the state of Utah