Where can I get the BIOMASS and BELD6 files needed by running Normbeis4 program

Dear all,

I try to run the script “Annual_beis_12US1_2020ha2_cb6_20k.csh” provided by the EPA’s 2020 emissions modeling platform. Because I use my own domain:
‘LAM_40N97W’, -1152000., -1368000., 36.D3, 36.D3, 108, 78, 1

So I need run the Normbeis4 program by myself to generate the new normalized
emissions file. The error I encountered notices me that I need BIOMASS and BELD6 files for successfully running Normbeis4 program. Where can I get the BIOMASS and BELD6 files? Thank you very much!
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I created the NORMBEIS4 inputs files and ran NORMBEIS4 with those files to ensure they work properly. You can find the NORMBEIS4 inputs and output files here:


Just look for the grid name “21JuneD01” in the filename and download the 3 files. Please let me know if you are successful in using these files and if you have further BEIS4 questions.

Jeff Vukovich

Hi jvukovich,

Sorry for my late reply! Thanks very much for providing these input files for me. My server dosen’t work in these days. I will run “Annual_beis_12US1_2020ha2_cb6_20k.csh” again using these input files after my server is fixed and tell you whether I am successful in running this script. Thanks again!

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Hi Jeff,

Happy new year! Very sorry for my too late reply! After I fixed my server, I was busy for the other works and didn’t have time to run NORMBEIS4 again in December. Now I finally have time to run it again, but I have encountered this error:

Do you know how I can resovle this error? Thank you very much!

My script is as followed:
Annual_beis_12US1_2020ha2_cb6_20k.csh (11.9 KB)

Thank you again!
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You are using an old emissions factor file. Please use the BELD6 emissions factor file here:


This is the BEISFAC file in the SMOKE Users Manual described here:


Hi Jeff,

I use the new emissions facter file but I encounter a new error:

My METCRO2D doesn’t incude “WSAT_PX”. I set the sf_surface_physics option to 2 instead of 7, so NOAH LSM but not PX LSM is selected in WRF to obtain wrfout data, which is used for running MCIP.

OK, sounds like you successfully executed NORMBEIS4 and now are working on TMPBEIS4 execution. Assuming you are using SMOKEv5, set PX_VERSION to “N” and see if that gets you passed this error.

Hi Jeff,

After I set PX_VERSION to N, the error about “WSAT_PX” is resolved, but a new error occur:

When I check the tmpbeis4 log, I find that the log stops at:

But I can not find any “ERROR” in this log.
I use SMOKE provided by https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2020/ to run BEIS4 and the SMOKE version is SMOKE 5.0.


Can you please upload your full log file and the script you are using so we can better understand what happened? It is obvious there was a segmentation fault but we are unclear as to why.

Hi Jeff,

Please find attached files about:
the script (Annual_beis_12US1_2020ha2_cb6_20k.csh);
Annual_beis_12US1_2020ha2_cb6_20k.csh (11.8 KB)
the running log (run.log)
run.txt (7.8 KB)
those logs in
(tmpbeis4_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_20210601_21JuneD01.log; normbeis4_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_21JuneD01.log;helper_scripts_list_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_21JuneD01.txt; timelog_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_21JuneD01.txt)
helper_scripts_list_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_21JuneD01.txt (820 Bytes)
normbeis4_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_21JuneD01.log.txt (20.9 KB)
timelog_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_21JuneD01.txt (308 Bytes)
tmpbeis4_beis4_2020ha2_cb6_20k_20210601_21JuneD01.log.txt (7.7 KB)

Thank you!