Running WRF-CMAQ on cluster using mpirun

Dear CMAS community,

Is there anyone having experience to run WRF on cluster?
I would like to run WRF and CMAQ parallel in my ROCK cluster. I have tried many options with mpirun, but I don’t know why mpirun can not launch to other nodes.
An example here:
I use the command:
mpirun -np 12 --machinefile machinefile.txt --allow-run-as-root ./wrf.exe
And an error appears like this

I had checked the connection of three nodes by command “ping node’s IP”, they are well connected.
My machinefile.txt includes IP of three nodes (frontend and 2 connected nodes), like this: slots=4 slots=4 slots=4
My cluster is built by a ROCK cluster, with 3 nodes, CPUS 8 per each node.

My question is: How can I connect 3 nodes to run together?

The problem was not with ./wrf.exe, because when I tested running on the main node, it was successful.


Ha Chi

Is this in a script or at the command line? If it is a script, be sure the script does a cd to the directory.
You might get more help from the WRF user forum.

Dear cgnolte,
Thank you, I’m putting my question on the WRF forum.