Can MCIP produce 3km CMAQ met inputs from a 12km WRF simulation?


Basically, my question is that is it possible to run MCIP on a 12km WRF outputs to produce a 3km met ready files for CMAQ simulations?
I understand that the best way would be running WRF at the 3km resolution and use those outputs to run MCIP, yet I am curious if MCIP is capable of such interpolation inside the program?
I would be thankful if anyone can guide me on this question.


Not just MCIP: the atmospheric equations of motion are non-linear. As a result, trying to interpolate
winds from 12KM to 3KM will give you serious mass-conservation problems.


Something like the following?


No, MCIP cannot do that, and there are no plans for such a shortcut. As mentioned by @cjcoats, the equations are nonlinear, and there is no way to be faithful to the atmospheric equations and conservation by implementing this capability.

I’ve been asked this question over the years, and I will tell you the same thing that I’ve told everyone else: if you want to run CMAQ at a given resolution, then you need to run the meteorological model at that resolution. Interpolation is not an option.



Thanks a lot for your reply. That was a very clear and definite answer to my curiosity. This will help me a ton!